US Enflux ramps up European expansion with Berlin office

Having established offices in London, Paris and Texas, Enflux has turned its attention to continental Europe’s bustling tech hub, Berlin. Joining the already prospering community of global organisations and international startups, the company is increasing its presence in Europe and tapping into Berlin.
Enflux applies proprietary, patent-pending and predictive data science and machine learning to a plethora of industries, through which clients are able to reduce wasteful social media, influencer, and digital marketing spend and improve ROI.
Scouring and performing deep analysis on millions of social media posts and up to 18,000 external data sources (ranging from weather to company financials, travel trends, currency fluctuations, and much more), Enflux creates a model of interactions between individuals, developing a more scientific and accurate measure of who (and what) influences consumers now and what will motivate them in the months ahead.
“After establishing our London and Paris offices, Berlin was the logical next step given its startup ecosystem and its rising position as the heart of Europe’s tech scene,” said Avery Booker, Enflux co-founder & CEO. “Our new Berlin office gives us the ability to learn from and interact with entrepreneurs from around the world, who are attracted to Berlin for the same reasons.”
Enflux uses advanced data science to help companies spot future trends and predict consumer behaviour, as well as truly understand who and what influences business performance.