UK Victor takes off with successful series B fundraise

Victor, the private jet charter platform, has closed a new investment round of $20m. BP Ventures, the investment arm of global energy giant BP, is the lead investor with $10m. Existing Victor shareholders and various family offices have contributed the remaining money.
The investment enables the company to continue expanding across new geography, as well as strengthening its position in North America. The Manhattan team has already grown quickly in 2017 (more than quintupling) and now has the perfect platform to extend even further.
Secondly, the company is going to develop Victor’s digital, data-driven platform into a new transactional ‘B2B’ marketplace that brings suppliers, brokers and other service providers seamlessly together. The aim is to create a ‘full spectrum’ ecosystem of industry services – also including flight-planning and fuel provision – that help position Victor as the essential hub of services for the private aviation sector. It has already, for one, finalized a commercial agreement with Air BP to become the preferred fuel supplier for the charters it arranges at Air BP locations.
Both BP Ventures and Air BP are investing in Victor for its cutting edge digital technology – disruptive technology that is complementary to the wider BP business and will actually give the company the potential to leverage its smart digital platform to other transportation industries.