UK Tissue Regenix completes acquisition of US CellRight Technologies

Tissue Regenix Group plc, a UK- based regenerative medical company has announced the completion of the acquisition of CellRight Technologies LLC, a US based specialist in regenerative osteoinductive bone scaffolds.
The acquisition, expands the Group’s presence within the US healthcare market and increases US sales by more than double, bringing together two highly complementary technology and product platforms focused on soft-tissue regeneration and regenerative bone matrices, respectively.
TRX has built a portfolio of soft tissue products for use in wound care, orthopaedics and cardiac applications, based on its patented dCELL® Technology with DermaPure, a decellularised dermal allograft for chronic and acute wound care, currently commercialised. CellRight, brings a complementary regenerative technology which is used to turn allograft bone into various malleable applications including, DBM Putty, strips, blocks and fibres, primarily for use in spine, orthopaedics and dental surgeries.
Leveraging the capabilities of CellRight Technologies’ existing tissue bank in San Antonio, TX, Tissue Regenix is set to launch its OrthoPure™ HT, decellularised human tendon, into the U.S. orthopaedics market in early 2018, which will initially address anterior cruciate ligament repair. This facility also provides the Group with a purpose built U.S. base to self-manufacture products utilising its patented dCELL® process.
“The combination of TRX and CellRight Technologies is a crucial step in advancing our regenerative medicine capabilities for patients worldwide,” said Antony Odell, CEO, Tissue Regenix Group. “CellRight’s team have exceptional talent and experience, and their regenerative technology is highly complementary to our own dCELL® soft tissue platform. The benefits of the combined, broad portfolio of innovative soft tissue and bone products is clinically recognised. CellRight and TRX share a common goal and vision. Together, we can expedite and expand our research and development pipelines, increase our market presence both in the US and internationally and create more value for our stakeholders, both clinical and financial. I am pleased to welcome Jesus Hernandez and his team to the Tissue Regenix Group.”
Jesus Hernandez, Founder and CEO, CellRight Technologies, said: “I am excited to join the TRX team and continue the evolution of the CellRight Technologies products and brand. In TRX we have found a partner that shares our values and commitment to innovation and clinical outcomes. Our combination will allow us to bring our innovative products to a wider patient population and together, commercialise a pipeline of differentiated regenerative treatments.”