Singaporean Sandaire and UK Delancy launch Mount Kendal in Asia

Sandaire, an international family investment office with a base in Singapore, and Delancey, a UK focused real estate advisory company, have launched Mount Kendal in Asia. Mount Kendal is a new collaboration between Delancey and Sandaire and will be focused on delivering bespoke UK real estate investment advice to Asian investors and international family offices.
Together, the two firms bring over 45 years of experience to Mount Kendal, which was established to deliver acquisition strategies and innovative asset management initiatives. Ultimately Mount Kendal seeks to create and protect value across a myriad of multi-sector, single asset or asset portfolio investments; from office, retail, residential and logistics; to healthcare, education, equity reversions and more.
Matching investment performance with individual client focus, and a deep knowledge of the UK property market, Mount Kendal will consider transactions of all sizes with a UK geographic focus; providing knowledgeable services and strategic solutions across investment acquisitions, disposals, development and asset management. The company’s broad skill set will respond to client objectives and provide tailored investment strategies, enabling a focused approach to each transaction or investment type, whether related to a pool of capital or a portfolio of assets.
Alexander Scott, Founder and Chairman of Sandaire, commented: “We think there is an opportunity to serve the needs of significant families who want direct exposure to real estate. The service that we’re going to offer is a bespoke response to the requirements of the family offices and investors that we work with. That’s different than anything else we think is in the market place. The critical thing is that we are offering a service, not selling a product. We are helping families to understand what it is that they want and then we’re going to deliver a service based on those principles”.
Jamie Ritblat, Founder and Chairman of Delancey, commented: “Asia is clearly the dominant force as we look forward to the next ten to fifteen years. There continues to be a lot of capital coming from Asia directed at Western Europe. London looks stable and quite compelling on a relative basis, albeit there is a little bit of uncertainty, but is very unlikely not to remain the capital city of Western Europe. We feel that this is a timely moment to launch Mount Kendal in an unsettled world, to enable Asian families and investors to make the most of the current opportunities in UK real estate.”