SafetyPay starts operations in Belgium

SafetyPay, a secure cash payment platform, has announced the start of its operations in Belgium. By entering this European country SafetyPay is now present in 21 countries in Europe and the Americas (North, Central and South).
The start of operations in Belgium was among the company’s priorities and fulfills one of its business objectives, which is the expansion of its operations in Europe. In order to ensure its success in Belgium, SafetyPay has adjusted to the reality and features of this country, with a view to providing it with custom-made products and strategies. “Our main goal is to make SafetyPay well known to the market. Brand perception is an intelligent sales technique for pitching to merchants, who play such a key role in the process,” explains Gustavo Ruiz Moya, CEO at SafetyPay.
In Belgium, 90% of the population of over 11.3 million people has access to the Internet. Half of this public has the habit of shopping online, generating e-commerce revenues of approximately US$3 billion per year. In view of this market data, SafetyPay saw a great opportunity to offer its services to Belgian merchants that wish to provide their customers with a multi-channel and international payment solution that is independent of the traditional methods.
Over the last three years, SafetyPay’s sales have grown more than 400% worldwide. The expansion of its range of products and opening of new offices, coupled with the desire to help merchants to increase their e-commerce sales by offering convenience and security to online consumers, have ensured the consolidation of the company.
“The growth we have achieved stems from investments in technology, innovation in our product portfolio and the hard work of our devoted and highly qualified team,” comments the company’s CEO.
SafetyPay, which has been operating since 2007, is a cutting edge company that brings together finance and technology (FinTech). The convenience of online shopping and the security of payments via Internet banking on a real time basis allow hundreds of millions of consumers to shop from any establishment in the world and pay in the local currency directly from their bank account, without a credit card or payment slip. SafetyPay’s partnership with almost 100 banks worldwide, as well as banking correspondents, provides total convenience and security in the transactions for both merchants and consumers.