Remy Cointreau sells Izarra to Spirited Brands

French Remy Cointreau Group and UK-based Spirited Brands have completed the sale, by Remy Cointreau to Spirited Brands, of the entire share capital in Izarra – Distillerie de la Côte Basque, owner of the brand Izarra (whose sales over the 2014/15 fiscal year totalled €0.4 million). Remy Cointreau and Spirited Brands have also concluded an agreement under which Remy Cointreau will continue to manufacture and bottle the liqueur Izarra.
Roland Giscard d’Estaing, Izarra’s new Executive Director, said: “By expanding with Izarra 54 — voted the best new French spirit in 2013 — the product range of this liquor which conquered the world last century, Remy Cointreau has demonstrated to us the path to revival. We intend to build upon these solid foundations and continue the work to re-establish this brand in the Basque country, bring it back into fashion and thus enable this Basque star to be reborn. Such is the level of our commitment.”