New French partner for Swiss BLS Cargo

As part of its evaluation of potential partners for its freight transport subsidiary, BLS Cargo AG has decided on SNCF Logistics. SNCF Logistics is responsible for logistics and freight transport within the SNCF Group. The 45 percent share sale has to be approved by the competition authorities. BLS will remain the majority shareholder with 52 percent. The Ambrogio Group (IMT) remains a 3% shareholder in BLS Cargo AG, as before.
SNCF Logistics is already very active on the freight transport market and, with its subsidiaries Captrain Germany and Captrain Italia, is the second-largest on the German and Italian market among the current state operated railways today. Up to now, SNCF has been less active in Switzerland and along the North/South freight transport corridor. The good position of BLS Cargo, in particular in international combined transport, perfectly complements the business activities of SNCF. “We have found just the right partner in the SNCF Group,” said Bernard Guillelmon, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BLS Cargo. “This means that we can shape the freight business internationally to make it more sustainable and forward-looking.”
BLS Cargo and SNCF Logistics will intensify collaboration in cross-border transport, mutually benefit from the partnership, and present international and consistent services on the market. «BLS Cargo is an extremely attractive and well-positioned company», points out Sylvie Charles, General Manager of Railfreight and Intermodal Business Unit of SNCF Logistics. “We believe that the North/South corridor has great potential,” said Charles. “The close collaboration between BLS Cargo and our Captrain companies will enable us to create international services optimally geared for customers on the North/South corridor.”
All three shareholders, BLS, SNCF and IMT, support the successful BLS Cargo business model and the independent and neutral market presence in terms of customers and suppliers. The former company structures, the location in Berne and the existing management will remain unchanged as will the important services of BLS in the areas of engine drivers, locomotives and workshops used by BLS Cargo.