Japanese Yakult establishes distribution throughout the GCC

Yakult, Japan’s leading probiotic drink, has officially launched its first office in the UAE. Distribution lines will be available in the UAE and throughout the GCC from 26th March, supplying Yakult across major supermarket chains. Since conception, Yakult has strived to spread and promote good health throughout all nations. In 1964, Yakult propelled its first overseas operation in Taiwan and since then has extended its reach to over 38 countries and regions worldwide making Yakult the leading global probiotic drink.
“We are extremely excited to bring Yakult to the GCC market. With over 35 million bottles sold every day people all over the world have been enjoying the benefits of Yakult for over 80 years. We want the Middle East market to reap the health benefits that Yakult provides and are fully committed to ensuring that the best health product is easily available throughout the region,” stated Mr Koji Tanaka, Managing Director, Yakult Middle East.
Over 80 years ago in Japan, Doctor Minoru Shirota discovered lactobacilli, bacteria that enhance intestinal strength while at the same time suppressing harmful bacteria. Dr Shirota created the unique strain, Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota which is found in Yakult and when consumed daily has been proven to help balance the bacteria in the digestive system, improve the immune system and maintain overall health. The probiotics in Yakult can survive the strong acidity of the stomach, reaching the intestines alive. As a result, bad bacteria are unable to survive ensuing in a balanced digestive system.
The many health benefits of Yakult have been scientifically proven in numerous clinical trials. The results have shown that simply one bottle of Yakult a day can stimulate and improve the activity of immune cells, which help the body to better fight infections and diseases. In order to demonstrate Yakult’s effects scientifically, the company has also developed a world renowned laboratory, which evolved into the Yakult Central Institute for Microbiological Research in order to guarantee they maintain their high health standards and benefits.
Yakult is a family’s daily dose of good health. It is available in major supermarket chains throughout the GCC, with the exception of KSA.