GE Healthcare invests $100 million in Sweden

GE Healthcare has announced a USD 100 million investment in its bioprocessing manufacturing facility in Uppsala, Sweden. This new investment will double the plant’s current production capacity for chromatography resins, which are used in the manufacture of cancer-fighting monoclonal antibodies and other biological drugs, by the end of 2018.
The technologies manufactured at GE’s Uppsala plant, which has one of the world’s largest installed capacity for the production of chromatography resins, can increase drug purity and improve process economy – helping pharmaceutical companies to succeed within an increasingly complex manufacturing landscape.
At present, the facility produces 250 different types of chromatography resin used in the purification of more than 90 percent of FDA-approved biopharmaceuticals and employs around 1200 highly-skilled people in manufacturing, research and development, and other support functions. In total, GE Healthcare employs 1600 employees in Sweden at the company’s sites in Uppsala and Umea.
This significant investment will position GE Healthcare globally for growth in developing technologies for precision medicine and the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.