French CERENIS Therapeutics acquires US LYPRO Biosciences

CERENIS Therapeutics, an international biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of HDL-based innovative therapies for treating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, has announced the acquisition of LYPRO Biosciences assets, a portfolio of proprietary drug delivery nanotechnology. The operation positions CERENIS at the forefront of the chemotherapy drug delivery and immuno-oncology space. This represents a significant step towards the Company’s strategic objective of developing the next generation of multiple targeted drug delivery nanotechnologies associated with HDL therapy.
Financial terms of the LYPRO Biosciences assets acquisition by CERENIS Therapeutics are not disclosed. LYPRO will receive single digit regulatory milestones as well as single digit royalties depending on products sales each year.
Jean-Louis Dasseux, CEO of CERENIS Therapeutics, commented: “We are thrilled to add the LYPRO technology development program and nanotechnology platform to our portfolio of world-class HDL assets. Building on the strong foundation of our lead HDL product, CER-001, this acquisition opens another therapeutic area characterized by a significant unmet medical need, while allowing us to leverage our leading HDL therapy capabilities to drive the development of this potentially revolutionary technology. We look forward to initiating the Phase I trial of NanoDisk® and advancing other HDL-based assets, including CER-209 for NAFLD and NASH, in order to create value for patients, the medical community and other key stakeholders of CERENIS Therapeutics. Our enthusiasm about the fully enrolled TANGO trial continues, with results expected at the end of Q1, 2018.”
Robert O Ryan, PhD, Founder and Board Member of LYPRO, added: “We are extremely proud of accomplishments achieved by the LYPRO team. The product candidates that LYPRO has developed and associated with CERENIS’ proprietary HDL technology, could have a tremendous impact on the field of oncology, and we believe that CERENIS Therapeutics is the optimal company to lead future advancements of this groundbreaking technology. CERENIS Therapeutics holds the appropriate scientific, manufacturing, patent exclusivity, and clinical expertise to continue development of nanotechnology based delivery systems for therapies from laboratory bench to bedside.”
Robert O Ryan is a renowned expert in lipids, lipoproteins, lipid transport and metabolism. He is Professor and Chair of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Departments at the University of Nevada.
Michelle Stecklein Call, CEO of LYPRO Biosciences, added: “This agreement marks a transformational step for LYPRO Biosciences’ targeted HDL nanotechnology. CERENIS’ lead, drive and focus on HDL is a major competitive advantage to successfully take forward HDL-based targeted nanodelivery technologies to the market.”
Combining LYPRO Biosciences’ NanoDisk® technology with CERENIS’ HDL technology to build the first HDL particle delivery platform dedicated to the oncology market, including immuno-oncology and novel chemotherapeutic delivery technologies.