Foundation Holdings Strengthens team and expands in India and the GCC

UAE-based Foundation Holdings, a strategic healthcare, education and consumer focused investment firm, has announced the appointment of five new senior executives as the firm continues to expand its investment portfolio in India and the GCC. This step follows the firm’s set plan of investing AED2 billion in the region over the next five years. The new appointments include Tharshan Wijey as Chief Financial Officer, Karan Yadav as Chief Strategy Officer, Aakash Sachdev as Managing Director (India), Parvati Banati as Managing Director – Asset Management and Phil Garrison as Managing Director – Operations.
“Our vision is to build ‘sustainable, industry defining companies’ and we believe that actualising this is a team sport. Human capital or our people are the key drivers of our superior investment returns, and we are very committed to the proposition that people drive business performance. I am delighted to welcome our new, highly-talented and accomplished business leaders as we continue to expand the Foundation team. It is critical that we are building a ‘human engine’ to amplify Foundation Holdings’ robust ‘business engine’. The new appointments will not only add depth and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our business, but together with the existing board of directors and advisory board, will help redefine the industry. As a unique firm, Foundation Holdings’ value proposition is a thematic investment strategy focused on human capital, innovation and youth. We aim to combine financial strength, market position, and innovation leadership with an organizational focus on speed, agility, and simplicity. The world moves so much faster today and Foundation Holdings strives to build sustainable and long term partnerships,” said Abhishek Sharma, Foundation Holdings’ Chief Executive Officer.
Each member of the team brings a wealth of experience in investments, operations and strategic business building. Mr Tharshan Wijey, Chief Financial Officer , joins Foundation Holdings after beginning his career with Morgan Stanley (Australia & Singapore). Having spent the last decade in the GCC defining healthcare and education businesses, Mr Wijey will develop Foundation Holdings’ long-term financial planning and investment portfolio with his disciplined, efficient and focused approach to business. Chief Strategy Officer, Mr Karan Yadav, a former Senior Executive at Philips Lighting, Middle East, has also spearhead initiatives such as the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (CCAD). Mr Yadav will be responsible for developing and executing the long-term business strategy as well as expanding the business and market reach, stressing on creativity, innovation and visionary approach. The firm’s focus on the fast-growing USD 2.5 trillion Indian market, is led by Mr Aakash Sachdev. Responsible for building, managing and growing the business in India, Mr Sachdev has fourteen years of experience in financing and investing in private and public companies which is augmented by his entrepreneurial investment approach and leadership characteristics.
In February this year, the firm launched a joint venture with Bloom Holding, an Abu Dhabi headquartered group, aimed at investing over AED1 Billion in innovative workforce solutions, targeting the impactful sectors of healthcare, education and services within the UAE. This joint venture, with an ambition to IPO, brings together two best-in-class partners, who share strategic and operational know-how in addition to solid political and financial capital.¬†Foundation Holdings’ new strategic initiative will welcome Ms Parvati Banati as a Managing Director – Asset Management. Ms. Banati was the former Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking Coverage & Advisory, South East Asia at Deutsche Bank, Singapore and led the transformative IPO of IHH Healthcare. She will be joined by Mr Phil Garrison as Managing Director – Operations who enjoys over 40 years of experience in international businesses, including various positions held with Caltex Petroleum. M. Garrison also served as the Former Chairman of the American School of Dubai.
Foundation Holdings is a strategic global investment firm focused on building sustainable, industry defining companies in the healthcare, education and consumer sectors across India and the GCC. The firm enhances operational value for companies in these high growth sectors through its dynamic team across Dubai and Mumbai.