First office in Macedonia for Danish DSV

DSV’s expansion in Europe reached another milestone with the opening of its first office in Macedonia. The new office, located in Skopje, has a staff of three, which is expected to grow with the business. The branch will be managed by Mr Dragan Petrushevski, who has many years of logistics experience in Macedonia as well as abroad.
The Skopje office is the first DSV office in Macedonia. The new company, DSV Road DOOEL, will be managing all transport and logistics activities in Macedonia, including any Air & Sea and Solutions activities.
Macedonia is populated by approximately 2.1m people, it is located on the Balkan peninsula and shares borders with Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Kosovo. Macedonia has two airports (Skopje and Ohrid), but operates through the ports Thessaloniki in Greece and Durres in Albania. Macedonia’s main industries are textiles, agriculture and metallurgy.
For the past eight years, the automotive industry has emerged as another major industry – largely as a result of many international production companies establishing facilities in Macedonia, eg Johnson Controls, Lear Corporation, Johnson Matthey, Drexler Meyer, Kornberg & Schubert, Kostal, etc. This in turn has resulted in a growing demand for inbound and outbound transport and logistics services.