EY joins Smart Cities Council to advance smart city innovation

EY has joined the Smart Cities Council (SCC), the world’s largest smart cities network, to help cities harness innovation to stay vital and safe for their citizens and businesses.
EY will support the Smart Cities Council, the industry coalition responsible for advancing smart city development and innovation, by using a highly integrated approach that harnesses technology to better connect communities, improve citizen services, power economic development, and manage resources more intelligently. EY member firms have extensive experience in delivering smart city services globally, including infrastructure intelligence, smart metering, innovative funding and financing, digital, mobility and energy services.
George Atalla, EY Global Government & Public Sector Leader, says: “Cities around the world are growing at an unprecedented pace. Technology is crucial for connecting disparate urban systems, but technology alone cannot solve the social, environmental and logistical issues that growing cities face. The future is in the hands of those governments, businesses and entrepreneurs who will work together to create citizen-centric, resilient cities. We’re excited to work with the Smart Cities Council and its members to support the cities of today in becoming the cities of tomorrow.”
The Smart Cities Council brings together a range of private sector organizations dedicated to improving the world’s cities. Through a combination of advocacy and action, the Smart Cities Council helps cities prepare and plan for transformation, including next-generation transportation and the impact of driverless cars, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve city problems and using digital payments for citizen services.
Jesse Berst, Chairman of Smart Cities Council, says: “The Smart Cities Council works with cities around the world to help them take advantage of new technologies. Cities are growing in size and number, which puts increasing pressure on infrastructure and services. At the same time, the rise of digital and mobile are generating more data, different demands and different ways of interacting with cities. With EY’s global and cross sector experience, we — and our members — gain a powerful and insightful partner to help facilitate the development of future cities that truly benefit their citizens.”