Event tech start-up Glisser secures $1m funding and expands to US

London-based event tech start-up Glisser has secured $1m seed funding. Backers include Downing Ventures and London Co-Investment Fund. The investment is to be used for US expansion to New York, product development and marketing. Glisser Plug-In allows 1.2 billion PowerPoint users to share content and survey audiences in real-time.
Glisser’s CEO, Mike Piddock, said: “In the last year we’ve grown our corporate client base and made significant improvements in our technology with excellent support from Microsoft. We’ve got a scalable product that’s meeting the demands of presenters and event planners, with an audience of 1.2bn potential users.”
“This funding round means we’re well positioned to build an exciting company over the next 12 months and establish our New York base to meet an increasingly global portfolio of clients.”
Glisser is the must-have presentation technology that’s banishing “death by PowerPoint” by making presentations interactive and shareable in real-time. Glisser brings presenters, delegates and event organisers together for the first time in a seamless digital offering. Glisser delivers slides to attendees’ devices whilst combining live comments, questions and social interaction.
Glisser is also releasing an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint, integrating the ground-breaking technology into the Office suite. Mike Piddock went on to say: “Glisser’s add-in will significantly improve Microsoft PowerPoint’s feature set by connecting a global market of presenters with audiences in real time.”
“Glisser has a direct impact on audience engagement in business presentations and that companies across the world want to use it at their events. By connecting audiences through their devices, we’re improving live events, driving better feedback and collecting sales leads.”
Presenters can set up in minutes by uploading to Glisser’s web platform, or now simply synchronising with the cloud using the PowerPoint add-in.
Glisser delivers live Q&A and a Twitter stream within the presentation. Polls are simply dragged and dropped into place. Delegates can view slides and interact with the speaker without needing to download an app, simply navigating to a unique URL in their smartphone browser.