East-West Connect launched in London by Dmitry Leus

A new forum providing news and analysis about investing in Central and Eastern Europe launched today in London. East-West Connect will provide insight into the risks and opportunities of the region and the economic and business climate.
East-West Connect was founded by Dmitry Leus, an entrepreneur and banking and financial services professional. He started his career as FOREX specialist at Russia’s Lesprombank in the mid-90s. He later became Head of International Settlements of the bank, and in 2000 began running the South-West section of Lesprombank. In 2002, he was appointed Chairman of the Russian Depository Bank. In 2006 he founded Zapadny bank, where he worked as Chairman until late 2013. Since 2014, the e-commerce market of Europe and the UK is of special interest for him and he actively invests in the European and CIS financial sector. In parallel, he works as an expert in business development and helps large corporate companies build effective management and improve the quality of the services provided.
Speaking about the launch, Mr Leus said: “There is a huge amount of interest and opportunity in investing in Central and Eastern Europe. We are also living in very interesting times as we watch to see how Brexit unfolds and how this impacts the banking sector, another topic we are monitoring closely.”