Chinese Sanhua Automotive Celebrates Tech Center in MI, US

Sanhua Automotive has announced the opening of its North American automative tech center in Detroit, Michigan. Present were Mr Zhang Daocai, Chairman of Sanhua Holding Group, Mr Zhang Yabo, vice president of Sanhua Holding Group, Mr Shi Chuliang, GM of Sanhua Automotive, Mr Lyu Hu, GM of Sanhua Automotive (US), as well as staff members, government officials and business partners. In total 100 people celebrated this crowning achievement.
At the celebratory dinner, Mr Zhang Daocai made a toast to all friends and thanked the North America partners. He talked about the establishment of the North American automative tech center in Detroit for accessing the talent pool as well as the latest innovation and technology.
Sanhua has devoted itself to developing heat transfer and temperature control products, subsystems and solutions in the fields such as HAVC&R, home appliances and automotive thermal management. Our products involves residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration, home appliance, automotive air conditioning and thermal management system solutions. Sanhua has set up production bases in Xinchang, Hangzhou, Wuhu, Poland, America and Mexico as well as R&D centers in Xinchang, Hangzhou, Austria and America.