China’s BOE enters Russia with its display products and solutions

BOE Technology Group, a global leader in semiconductor industry as well as an IoT technologies, products and services supplier, has announced entry into the Russian market with the inauguration of its Russian subsidiary.
The Beijing-based company has its display products now being used in a broad spectrum of applications such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, TVs, vehicle displays and other digital information display devices.
BOE has now been supplying some top local TV brands in both the Russian and Ukrainian markets, as well as actively propelling commercial display products, such as transparent display, mirror display and digital signage, etc, aiming to provide customers and consumers with innovative products and integrated solutions. BOE has also set up global bases in USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Brazil and The United Arab Emirates, etc, with the service network covering the world’s major areas including Europe, America and Asia.
“China is Russia’s largest trade partner and the two countries keep increasing economic cooperation. Core businesses of BOE Russia are ODM (Original Design Manufacture) business, display panel business and commercial display business,” said Mr Guo Chao, General Manager of Overseas Sales and Marketing of BOE Technology Group.