M&A & venture capital – the shortest way to China

The Finnish-Italian Chamber of Commerce held an event in Espoo, Finland, about the current business opportunities for Finnish companies in China. Jesa Investment & Management Co., Ltd., a partner organisation of the Chamber since 2015, highlighted the future opportunities. Representatives of about 20 Finnish companies were present at the event. The event emphasised that China is shifting towards a mature economic environment. The Chinese Government is pushing for investments in robotics and automation.
Finland has a long history of cooperation with China and the speakers at the event emphasised that this is a good time to take advantage of China’s need for new technologies in diverse sectors, such as innovation, healthcare systems, education, welfare for the low-income population, entertainment, waste management, and more.
JESA speakers pointed out that Finnish companies have to be fast and ready to grab the change in momentum that the Chinese market is experiencing.
In an economic crisis moment such as the one we’re living in, it’s maybe the right time to invest in innovation and development. China understood the trend.
Indeed, China is now upgrading its economy into a more high-tech and technology oriented one. Rather than opting for heavy and extensive production investments, China is shifting towards a mature economic environment. If we consider that the Country suffered in the last two year of a shortage of around 15 million workers, we understand that the Government is pushing for investments in robotics and automation. Chinese young generations are changing habits and status; they don’t want to perform low-level jobs, especially in unhealthy workplaces. Therefore, it’s now time to introduce robots and new ideas in production chains. Also, if we think that by 2050 China will be the first country for science and technology, we deduct several opportunities not only in the innovation sector, but also in education, healthcare and sustainability fields.
Finland is a country that has a long history with China; the two countries praise compelling bilateral relations. This creates a perfect basis for Chinese listed enterprises to attract investors that could become partners with European companies for different projects and in diverse sectors.
JESA, the event’s speaker, has been operating in China for more than 20 years with a keen eye on opportunities. They monitored China as a fast-changing country, and for this reason they are updated on trends and new strategies to approach the market. JESA is a financial boutique with good and long lasting relations in the Chinese banking and investment fields. JESA is a trusted partner with a strong track record, and we accompany European firms in carrying out their business strategies, in China, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, and Chile; that is where the firm operates with a direct presence.